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Palm Tree Bar

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Palm Tree International Pub & Restaurant isn’t just a restaurant… or a pub, by the way. Is something more than that…

It’s a great place to relax, to be with friends, and to feel the sports communion.

Well, we try… Because we want that Palm Tree be your place among all the Cascais bars and pubs.

Beers, sports and friendship

Are you a sports lover? Why don’t you join us? Gather your friends, invite them, and come…

A good sports event is always a good excuse to join your buddies, drink some of the best beers in the market (with responsibility), share emotions, and celebrate with some strangers the winning (or the lost) of your home team.

Keep calm and drink gin

Or are you a gin lover? We also provide some of the best gin brands in the market. So, what are you waiting for?

Invite your work colleagues, and take an after-hours drink. Or call your special one (not Mourinho… ok? Did you get it?), and take time to relax… to flirt.

We don’t know if it’s the juniper’s scent or taste, or even the sensation of the cold glass in the hand, but who loves Gin understands how it helps to stop the everyday life.

Is Palm Tree Cascais fun?

Have you any doubts, by now? How can you? Just joking! More than be funny or trying being fun, we aim to make you have fun. To savour real joy…

Be it because of our DJ, who has a great playlist and remembers all of the 80s and 90s’ classics. Or just because you are here, with us, sharing your night with your friends, with us…

What make us unique?

As you guessed already it’s you, who make us unique. With your presence, feedback, and joy (or sadness if your home team loses), we know that it’s possible to achieve a better and better service, a better ambient, and a better place among Cascais bars and pubs.


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