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A tremendously good all rounder, our friendly dining pub pays close attention to getting every aspect of the business just right, and looks after the guests extremely well.

We’ve bottled and on-tap beer, bar shots, a great variety of good and Portuguese wine, plus a kitchen always opened with a home-style cooking.

If you’re looking to watch great sports events or don’t want to miss a single football match, we have plasma screens dotted around the bar zone.

But if you’re wishing goes to listen some good music and have some fun, we’ve 1980s ambient sound always rolling and astounding DJ nights.

What are you waiting for? We hope to see you soon!



There are dozens kinds of beer, for not saying hundreds or even thousands of brands. Thinking of our friends and costumers we have selected these ones specially for them. Be it watching a game of football, enjoying some time with friends or simply after a day of work, there’s always time to savour a good and cold beer, right?



Nothing like as the day ends come to our Pub and enjoy a good talk with a friend, while taking a Gin. Holding a cold glass and feeling the juniper’s scent, relaxing… Our choice of brands was made with our friends and clients in mind. Enjoy it!

Disco Bar


Feel the 1980s and let your body loose with our playlist. Enjoy the sound, sing along with your friends, and take a break from your working week with our DJ. We are here to receive you and help you to have fun!


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