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Bairrada’s suckling pig is a Palm Tree specialty, made as tradition dictates!

Our piglets are naturally raised in the countryside, by local family farms, following the traditional methods of Bairrada. The preparation of the dish follows all the steps created by 300 years of experience: the suckling pig is baked in a special oven and with all the ancestral knowledge that gives it all the juicy and crunchy taste.

From October onwards, this special dish will be available on Saturdays only and can still be enjoyed both at our restaurant and ordered from our online store. For the Take Away option, orders must be placed 2 days in advance and paid 50% at the time of order so when you get your suckling pig it will be warm and in perfect condition for the best taste.

Haven’t you tried our Bairrada’s suckling pig yet? Place your order now and find out what you have been missing!

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Since February, Palm Tree liven up Cascais nights with several live Fado concerts at our restaurant.

Several names have already performed at Palm Tree, Portuguese Fado singers and musicians, recognized in the area, who made your dinner a truly unforgettable experience!

Due to the tremendous success of Palm Tree Fado nights, we could not fail to thank all the Fado singers and musicians who are already part of the Palm Tree family and to give a special thanks to our customers, for their great support and good mood.

After the summer months, we would like to report that in September, Fado nights will be organized only on Fridays, rather than on Tuesdays and Fridays as in previous months.

Likewise, please note that, from October onwards, Fado nights will only be organized for groups of at least 20 people, by booking at least 6 days in advance.

Keep going to Fado nights at Palm Tree. Fun will always be guaranteed!

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Fado Nights at Palm Tree

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Cascais nights deserve all the excitement. Thus, Palm Tree decided to contribute with the best musical style that Portugal has to offer: Fado!

Briefly, Palm Tree will present you with very special Fado Nights, which will include varied programs, more classic or more modern, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Several Portuguese fado singers will perform at Palm Tree, and it will not be long before the first names are announced!

Suitable for all age groups, you just have to gather your family and best friends in Palm Tree and enjoy the Portuguese voice and guitar. At the same time, a friendly team of professionals will ensure your comfort by serving you delicious food and various drinks of your choice.

Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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Happy Hour Palm Tree

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Since we want you to enjoy life to the fullest with who you like the most, in 2019 we decided to bring you a great novelty!

Starting in February, Palm Tree will have a daily Happy Hour promotion from 5 pm to 7 pm with a 50% discount on beers, house wines and spirits.

Bring your best friends, your family or even your co-workers for a lively and relaxed late afternoon in the best restaurant and pub in Cascais. With spring coming, you can still enjoy our great terrace.

Life is better when we are together!

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Continental Breakfast

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Palm Tree created something new for you: The Continental Breakfast! Don’t stress out in the morning. Don’t eat just for eating. Face your morning with a five-star breakfast with all you can imagine.

Have you realized that we are speaking of a breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, a natural orange juice, season fruits and all the remaining things that you are used to have in a Continental Breakfast?

From tomorrow, April 1st, and between 7:30 am and 11:30 am, you already can enjoy a complete breakfast with a superior quality.

The prices of this Continental Breakfast are:

  • Adults – 10,50€
  • Children from 4 until 12 – 5,25€
  • Children from 0 until 3 – Free

We are waiting for you. Start your day with a five-star mood.


* At the moment, Continental Breakfast service is not available in our restaurant. However, you can always enjoy our English Breakfast every day from 9am.

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Palm Tree Bar

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Palm Tree International Pub & Restaurant isn’t just a restaurant… or a pub, by the way. Is something more than that…

It’s a great place to relax, to be with friends, and to feel the sports communion.

Well, we try… Because we want that Palm Tree be your place among all the Cascais bars and pubs.

Beers, sports and friendship

Are you a sports lover? Why don’t you join us? Gather your friends, invite them, and come…

A good sports event is always a good excuse to join your buddies, drink some of the best beers in the market (with responsibility), share emotions, and celebrate with some strangers the winning (or the lost) of your home team.

Keep calm and drink gin

Or are you a gin lover? We also provide some of the best gin brands in the market. So, what are you waiting for?

Invite your work colleagues, and take an after-hours drink. Or call your special one (not Mourinho… ok? Did you get it?), and take time to relax… to flirt.

We don’t know if it’s the juniper’s scent or taste, or even the sensation of the cold glass in the hand, but who loves Gin understands how it helps to stop the everyday life.

Is Palm Tree Cascais fun?

Have you any doubts, by now? How can you? Just joking! More than be funny or trying being fun, we aim to make you have fun. To savour real joy…

Be it because of our DJ, who has a great playlist and remembers all of the 80s and 90s’ classics. Or just because you are here, with us, sharing your night with your friends, with us…

What make us unique?

As you guessed already it’s you, who make us unique. With your presence, feedback, and joy (or sadness if your home team loses), we know that it’s possible to achieve a better and better service, a better ambient, and a better place among Cascais bars and pubs.

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A good environment is made of people socializing, with time to spare. Enjoy our terraces. Join your friends. Chat, relax and stop your time.

The Shisha is a good excuse to sit with your friends and take a break from today’s world. Just choose one of the various flavors we have, all available to you for enjoying it in group.

Ancient tradition around friends

The Arabs have always enjoyed the Shisha in a group, together with coffee and good bit of a conversation.

A tradition that still remains in the Arab countries, and now also in most European countries, with greater relevance in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Portugal is no different, and the Palmtree also wanted to join this movement, because we believe that by doing so, we are improving your lifestyle.

Friendship helps lower the stress level

Cigarette smokers think that this habit reduces stress levels, but this is a solitary act that instead of decreasing, contributes to a higher level of what they want to avoid.

Shisha is different, it’s all about a collective act of sharing. And it’s with that in mind, we want you to enjoy with your friends. Because it is proven that the greatest stress reduction factor is … friendship.

Let’s meet in the terraces

Make a pause in your daily routine, phone to your friends and go for a Shisha in your usual Pub/Bar. We have Shisha in marginal terrace, from 10pm until 2am, and, from 12am till 2am, on the main terrace at Camões Square.

We are waiting for you!

shisha cascaisshisha bar em cascais

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8th palm tree annual golf challenge

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The time of the year that you have been waiting for, finally has come. You already can register for the 8th Palm Tree Annual Golf Challenge (November 12), where you’ll compete in 18 holes, around the Golfe Onnyria, at Quinta da Marinha.

Our pet event is back, and once more we promise you an environment of courtesy and sportsmanship, as you are used to in our Palm Tree International Pub & Restaurant.

Florida Scramble

Our Golf Challenge will be under the rules of the Florida Scramble and we guarantee you great moments of fun.

The day will begin very early: at 10h57 off we go to the tee, and spend the next ours enjoying the company and the game.

At the end of the day, to all participants, will be granted a welcome drink at the Palm Tree International Restaurant & Pub, where at 20h will start the dinner.

The main course will be Picanha (grilled sliced Brazilian beef), and for dessert you can count with our homemade chocolate mousse or a fruit salad. All, of course, can be accompanied by a red or white house wine.

Book it on the pub

To participate in the 8th Palm Tree Annual Golf Challenge, you just have to come to our Pub, and ask for the registration book (starting at 10 am).

Remember to bring a 10 euros note (not refundable), because without it (or debit/credit card) your registration will not be considered.

November 12th, at the arrival on Golfe Onyria, you will have to pay 30 euros more, as an entry fee.

Sportsmanship and courtesy

The 8th Palm Tree Annual Golf Challenge is more than an opportunity for us to be together… It’s a way of sharing a sportsmanship and a courtesy moment, two ideals that Palm Tree tries every day to stand for.

We are counting on you!

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The Palm Tree was one of the 30 restaurants awarded with the “Seleção Cascais”. This award distinguishes the establishments that have special conditions on services and gastronomy, as well as the absolute respect for the rules of hygiene and food safety.

In an event held at the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril, on 22 September, the ceremony was attended by Orlando da Luz, owner of Palm Tree, who received the award from the hands of Carlos Carreiras (Mayor of Cascais), Duarte Nobre Guedes (President of Cascais Tourism Association) and Paulo Mendonça (vice-president of AHRESP – Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Similar Portugal).

The program “Seleção Cascais” arose from a partnership between Turismo de Portugal, IP and AHRESP, with the aim of promoting, through quality certification, the offer of restaurants that are part of the Programa SELEÇÃO® – Qualidade, Higiene e Segurança network.



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